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A Good Year for Organic Lawn Care

It has been a good year for organic lawn care. Over the years, we’ve been dissed a few times by the chemical lawn care guys, but now we’re becoming mainstream. Turf Magazine had a cover story titled ‘Why you can’t thumb your nose at the organic crowd anymore’. The American Association of Pediatrics has called

A Normal Winter Means Healthier Organic Soil

It is great to have a normal winter for a change. Someone called it abnormally normal after the dry and warm winter in 2012 and the tons of snow in 2011. This year, the ground is frozen and we’ve had some decent snow cover. Without the constraints of a good old New England winter, a

I have always been fascinated by the trillions of microscopic organisms busily inhabiting and working in our bodies and in the soil. It is amazing how little we know of why they are there and what they do. Scientists have, of course, long been aware of the bacteria in our stomachs and skin, but had

The Mysterious Missing Organic Soil Solutions Website

The Organic Soil Solutions website disappeared recently, soil biology continues to baffle the experts and organic lawns keep us guessing… Mysterious Missing Website Our web site disappeared from the internet recently and I learned that, without the file, it existed only in the cloud. There was no way to find a copy of yesterday’s version

Without Snow, Early Spring Fertilizer is a Must

We’d like to thank all of our Organic Soil Solutions customers for signing up for our program this year. Many of you received the first application of organic soy-based fertilizer. Winter snuck by us like a whisper and now spring is creeping out from its thin shadow. I can’t wait to see what the summer

Our 10th Year Providing Organic Lawn Care

This is our 10th year providing organic lawn care to the Boston area community. When we began at Organic Soil Solutions in 2003, my now 13 year old wise guy was treating me like a rock star whenever I walked through the door. My never to be seen 19 year old college kid was my

Organic Soil Solutions had a fantastic 2011 season. Our crew helped make some of the lushest organic lawns yet. Here’s what some of our customers had to say: “All is fine with our lawn…the end-of-summer slice seeding was very effective, and we now have a green, lush lawn.” -Kathy C. “I just was planting my

We are in the midst of an organic movement – organic food, organic farms, organic lotions, organic bedding, organic everything! But, little do people know that everything organic must start with healthy, organic soil. An article from The New Ecologist called “Top 10 Reasons To Buy Organic Products For Your Home” goes on to state,

A Little Wild in the Landscape is a Beautiful Thing

A little wild in the landscape is a beautiful thing. The birds need a place to nestle, the squirrels to rustle and the bunnies to hide. I need an area to throw some sticks and yard debris. My young son was helping me in a yard of lollipop trees and immaculate swales of mulch a

Invest in Soil For a Healthy Organic Lawn

I spoke to an irrigation guy today. When people build a new house, he suggests investing in soil rather than irrigation systems. With a foot of good top soil you probably won’t need to add much water. Most new homes have a few inches of topsoil and need watering more often than we would like,