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Mow Low for a Happy Organic Lawn

“What I enjoy is not the fruits alone, but I also enjoy the soil itself, its nature and its power.” – Cicero, De Senectute In the Spring, we seed bare spots and damaged areas of your lawn with…

We’re Making Progress in Organic Lawn Care

Happy New Year! This is the time to reflect on life and think about how to make more progress in 2014. Life can be a constant struggle to make sense out of things we don’t understand. What makes perfect sense for one person sounds like crazy talk to another. Things that used to be normal,

Compost Tea Helps Make Healthy Lawns, Plants and Animals

We recently applied compost tea to our customers’ lawns. The compost tea is comprised of microbial foods to refresh the life in the soil and add some more. The bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa are the life blood of the soil. I love to see all the activity in our yard. We try to select

Spread Happiness with Organic Fertilizer

Organic Soil Solutions uses a soy-based fertilizer that is nutritious and delicious for the soil bacteria and fungi. They, in turn, provide a healthy snack for the protozoa and nematodes. A little too much nitrogen for their taste, however, and the excess is released in the form of ammonium (NH4+). All this wining and dining

A New Form of Mosquito Control

We’ve all been there. You’re outside on the patio trying to enjoy a nice, summer evening, but you spend the whole time slapping and swatting at those annoying mosquitoes. Or, even worse, you don’t slap or swat in time and get an itchy mosquito bite the size of a golf ball. Okay, okay…maybe I’m exaggerating,

Three Ways to Remove Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are the unwanted guests at the party. Yes, someone invited them, but who knew they would act like such cads. With no pests or diseases to keep them at bay, they take over the room, pushing everyone else to the side. There is a list of plants that are illegal to import, sell

Seeding Bare Spots to Make Healthy Soil

In our continued efforts this spring to bring healthy, organic lawns to the masses, we most recently seeded bare spots and damaged areas of our client’s lawns with a spring seed that germinates quickly and crowds out weeds. By maintaining an organic lawn, you are contributing to a living, breathing soil. As temperatures rise, soil

Needham Opts for Organic Lawn Care

I recently met with the head of Parks and Forestry in Needham, where I live. We’ve cared for the Needham Heights Common organically for 11 years now and it always looks good. Now the town is using organic methods on the fields and parks and getting good results. Besides not using harmful chemicals, the town

An Organic Lawn with Good Soil Means Fewer Grubs

Grubs are nasty creatures. They are ugly and have invaded from Asia and Europe. The beetles they turn into aren’t exactly George Clooney, either! Their most redeeming feature is that they make a nice lunch for skunks, crows and voles. And these creatures may not be the ones you want crashing your next garden party.

The Shocking Truth About Lawn Care Chemicals

The lawns of Organic Soil Solutions’ customers are beginning to receive their first application of organic soy-based fertilizer. It is great to hear the birds chirping and feel the warm sun. The fertilizer will wake up the soil biology and get the grass off to a quick start. Arsenate, DDT Compounds and Mercury A friend