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I often get called on by home owners for free advice on organic lawn care. Sometimes, particularly this year, it can be tough. If a lawn is dead or diminished due to summer stress, about the only way to revitalize it, is to slice seed it in the month of September. For the most part,

I recently spent a couple of days at a soil health workshop at Cornell attended by farmers and soil scientists. I asked a farmer how the crops were doing in western New York this summer. I knew they had a tough time last year due to very cool, wet weather. “No one’s complaining this year,”

There’s not a lot of glory caring for lawns in this hot summer. A lot of the cool season grass is brown, looking sullen and dejected. The too light green crab grass is wearing a smirk that says, “I can grow on cement if I want.” The crabgrass won’t look so hot once the first

Some of the browning and stress in lawns this summer is due to a build up of thatch, a mix of dead and living roots, shoots and stems that accumulates between the soil and the grass blades. A problem occurs when the thatch builds up faster than it is broken down by soil organisms. Air

When people talk of organic lawns, they often mention something about tolerating a few imperfections. Well, this is the season for a few imperfections. Our cool season grasses love the cool nights of the spring and fall. That’s when they grow vigorously and develop deep roots. They tend to go dormant in the summer. A

One of the first things we like to do when we get a new customer is to take a soil sample and send it to the lab. A lot of homeowners signing up for our program have pretty acidic soil. With a low pH the grass plant can’t access the nutrients it needs and acid

It’s hard to over state the importance of good cultural practices for a successful organic lawn. That doesn’t mean you have to invite a string quartet over for tea. It means you have to leave the grass high, recycle the clippings and water correctly. I visited a lawn recently in Newton that was loaded with

I’ve never seen so much clover. I was riding my bike around Needham the other day and just about every lawn had at least a sprinkling of clover. At first, I was really impressed with the number of organic lawns in Needham, but then I considered that maybe the chemical herbicides weren’t able to control

I’ve become more convinced lately that the organic fertilizer has a lot to do with our success. Feeding the soil and stimulating the biology really seems to set the table for good seed germination and deep, healthy roots. An active soil, with plenty of space for air and water, makes for grass that doesn’t just

Make your outdoor space even more organic and inviting with a little help from our friends, partners, and colleagues who offer everything from landscaping to tree care to organic vegetable gardens throughout Massachusetts. Check out our Resource Center today for the latest and greatest in the organic lawn care and landscape world.