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front-playsetThis simple statement may seem obvious, but many people see their lawn as a green outdoor carpet free of imperfections that stays uniformly green all summer. As seasons progress, a healthy lawn responds to moisture, heat, and other natural phenomena. Organic Soil Solutions makes your lawn and soil as healthy and happy as possible. We promote deep roots, plenty of leaf surface, and lots of biology in the soil, so the grass can get the air, water, and food it needs. We provide the foundation for a healthy lawn to meet the challenges and accept the gifts that Mother Nature provides. We use a completely organic and proactive approach to plant and soil health care.

The Organic Soil Solutions program renews, revitalizes, corrects, and conditions your soil. Healthy living soil leads directly to healthy thriving trees, shrubs, and lawns. To preserve your landscaping investment, start with the most basic component – your soil.


front1Stronger turf means less watering
Water retention is better in a soil with a decent amount of organic matter and pore space.

front2Mow less, pollute less
Grass plants need a lot of leaf surface to perform photosynthesis and manufacture food to store in the roots. A lawn at 3 to 4 inches grows roots and is happy and healthy.

front3Organic Soil Solutions Means More Grass
More grass, fewer weeds
Most weeds enjoy compacted soil with poor biological diversity. A healthy soil favors the cool season grasses over the weeds.

front4Have fun with your lawn
Everyone should be able to chew on a blade of grass without worrying. Make noise with a blade of grass between your thumbs. Roll around on it or have a picnic. Feel good about your lawn and enjoy it!

front5Tougher, healthier trees and shrubs
Healthy soil benefits all life living on and in it, including us. There is more beneficial biology and fewer pathogens, more air, less compaction and more organic matter and plant available nutrients. Flowers and shrubs have brighter colors, more bud development and healthier foliage.